1st for Women managing director Robyn Farrell said: “The South African Automobile Association agrees that dangerous conditions are caused by glare resulting from intense sunlight reflected from the road, bonnet, windscreen or facias of cars.

"This danger is particularly high at this time of year - just in time for the Christmas and New Year break - as the sun rises earlier and sets later when many drivers are setting off to holiday destinations."


The glare appears from behind trees or buildings, or by reflection. Blind spots created by sun glare and the distance perception problems that it creates are the causes of many crashes. Driving towards the sun can also block peripheral vision and cause sudden moments of blindness as the sun peeks out from behind approaching objects.

Drivers need to be vigilant for joggers, dog-walkers and pedestrians as such road-users are almost twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured by traffic if they are not facing oncoming traffic.

Eight drivers' tips to combat glare

1 Keep your windscreen clean – inside and out
2 A light-coloured facia can be reflective
3 Plan your travel to avoid glare
4 Slow down when when driving towards the sunrise, or sunset
5 Anticipate the effect of glare on you and other drivers
6 Avoid overtaking into low sunlight
8 Wear sunglasses that are dark enough to cut the glare